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Samsung Slips Passed Apple on 4G

Posted: September 8th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Technoid Computer News | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on Samsung Slips Passed Apple on 4G

Samsung Slips Passed Apple on 4G - Samsung's 4G PhabletThe war between Apple and Samsung over design and technology patents has cast Samsung as the underling, while Apple is painted as pushing at the edges of innovation. Ahh what a short sighted world we live in, I’d argue with such commentary, going so far as to say that most commentators have things wrong, very wrong.

While Samsung may have a little eggroll on it’s face over claims of plagiarism, the Korean consumer electronics behemoth is definitely no slouch on the technology front, winning the much more important war on patent innovations, particularly when it comes to 4G and it’s application in the mobile device wars.

4G isn’t so much a new technology but  a better use of existing technologies, Samsung has been working on 4G since 2005 and has pretty much perfected it’s use in mobile devices. The higher and more responsive – up to 10 x 3G – bandwidth of 4G is well suited to tablets and smartphones.

In Australia, Telstra has the largest geographic coverage in 4G and has been upgrading mobile cell towers to 4G since 2010, with a consumer roll-out from late in 2011. The benefits of running mobile devices on 4G are real, the simultaneous speed is pretty outstanding :: Read the full article »»»»

UPDATED! Apple vs Samsung vs Apple vs Samsung

Posted: August 25th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Business News, STANDOUT, Technoid Computer News | Tags: , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on UPDATED! Apple vs Samsung vs Apple vs Samsung

Apple vs Samsung vs Apple vs SamsungJust hours apart, in two separate courtrooms – one in the USA and another in South Korea – two absolutely opposing views on the war that is Apple vs Samsung – or should that be Samsung vs Apple? – have been handed down.

A South Korean court has handed down a split ruling over Samsungs claim that Apple infringed it’s intellectual property, ruling that some element of the iPhone do indeed use patented Samsung telecommunication technology. The court also ruled however that Samsung had – as Apple has been ranting – copy Apples interface for it’s early Galaxy phones and tabs.

The South Korean court found that both companies shared blame, ordering Samsung to stop selling 10 products including its Galaxy S II phone and banning Apple from selling four different products, including its iPhone 4.

Meanwhile across the pacific in San Jose, California, a US jury has found in favour of Apple in a case that was expected to take years to settle, Apples copycat rant has just landed it a $US1 billion dollar win! However, the US ruling runs much deeper than just a huge compensation payout, BILLIONS of dollars in future sales hang in the balance for both tech-behemoths :: Read the full article »»»»

US Court Turfs Apples Move to Stop Samsung Galaxy Sales!

Posted: December 7th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: mcsixtyfive | Tags: , , , , , , | Comments Off on US Court Turfs Apples Move to Stop Samsung Galaxy Sales!

Apple vs SamsungIs Apples world crumbling? In it’s latest bid to stand-over our favorite Korean semicunductor behemoth Samsung, Apple has had it’s request in a US court for an order to block sales of Samsung’s 4G smartphone and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet pc REJECTED. The iPad manufacturer, in its lawsuit – filed in a Federal Court in San Jose, California – sought an order blocking Samsung from selling its Galaxy range of mobile devices in the US, based on claims that they violate Apple patents. The lawsuit is part of a legal battle between the companies being fought in 10 countries, including Australia, where the High Court on Friday granted Apple a further delay of court orders overturning an earlier ruling which banned the device from sale. Samsung said via a statement that the US Federal Court ruling confirmed its long-held view that Apple’s arguments lacked merit. The two companies have filed more than 30 lawsuits against on another, the conflict began in April this year, when Apple filed the San Jose lawsuit claiming the South Korean company’s Galaxy devices blatantly copied Apples iPhone and iPad. M★C  READ MORE

Samsungs Sumo Move

Posted: September 20th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: mcsixtyfive | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on Samsungs Sumo Move

Seems the war betwixt behemoths, Apple and Samsung is just getting warmed up. According to sources Choi Gee-Sung’s Samsung Electronics is considering legal action in an attempt to halt the sale of Apples new iPhone. We have long cogitated that Apples core intention was to squeeze the mighty Samsung into submission, with it’s halting of sales on the Samsung Galaxy S Tablets and smartphones, it looked as though Apple may win the war by commercial default. NO manufacturer wants to hang on to 10’s of thousands of aging technology, hold hold up production lines while legalese wander in and out of courts. In a clever twist, it looks like the sleepy giant from Samsung Town has woken to what could be its strongest defense against patent and plagiarism claims. The two tech giants have been locked in an intensifying legal battles in nine countries – with 23 separate lawsuits –  over their flagship technologies – Smartphone and Tablets. The move comes after Apple successfully blocked Samsung from selling its latest tablets in Germany, some smartphone models in the Netherlands, as well as forcing a stall on release in several other nations. Apples legal victory in Germany looked to have stumped the Korean corner, this comeback is both timely and well thought out. The last thing any new CEO – Apple’s Mr Cook – is a forced slump in sales! Trumped? M★S READ MORE