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In today’s ultra-competitive world, online communities are fast becoming the preferred channel for organizations who seek unparalleled customer loyalty and engagement. Building online communities is much more than marketing, branding or product recognition. If it’s not personal your wasting your time, money and head-space.





Skills, Ethos + Work Ethic

Michael Courtenay

[Skills, Ethos + Work Ethic] In No Particular Order:

My time is filled with making other folks land softly, easing their days, so they’re able to enjoy their evenings: I Like To Worry! I’m overtly fond of driven people, like the energy. My client list is diverse, an English Brain Scientist, a Hotelier on the up, a PR firm and a half dozen special individuals. As well, I run online campaigns for several brands, throw my fifty cents in for Unruly Media, take the odd casual editorial.

…what I like most about my world? The anonymity, I like that others get the kudos.

[confession] I’ve been blogging since before Blogger belonged to Google, if your the – I need a – date type: 1999!

“61 percent of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post”

Eti Finkelstin Nachum via LinkedIn


  • Ghost Writer: Blogging for important(ish) folk who have neither the time or inclination, but heaps of intention.Discretion, discretion, discretion and a touch of secrecy.
  • Social Media Consultant: …the secret in business is to keep it personal, sounds easy?!
  • Develop and maintain social media strategy that defines how social media marketing techniques will be applied across a variety of client industries.
  • Improve, add-to and develop social media strategy frameworks and approaches. Inculcate these into the Agency, inspire creative and through working practices, training and mentoring.
  • Provide advice and guidance on media & channel selections and work with external partners to maintain a deep understanding of the executional nature of social media creativity.
  • Online Editor: The interweb isn’t print, slouchy editing shines like acne on a powder white face, pages need to look like they’re owned by YOU! copy: …yes please!

Subscriber to Wheaton’s Law

  • Articulate…Passionate…Creative
  • Self-starter
  • Problem Solver
  • Resourceful
  • Technically knowledgeable and curious
  • Work well in a team, but mostly LOVE creating the team

Content Management Evangelist: love human contact – so long as it’s via the wires – available on short-term contract, freelance or one-off projects.

Develop and maintain a social media strategy that defines how social media marketing techniques will be applied across a variety of industries, now and into the future.

Improve, add-to and develop social media strategy frameworks, inspire through creative working practices, training and mentoring, we truly believe.

Provide advice and guidance on media & channel selections, work with external partners to maintain a deep understanding of the executional nature of social media creativity.

Conversant in All-things Technological: SERPs, SEO, Organic, Online Promotion, SMO, Reputation Management, Social Media, Content Management, Copy, Copy and more Copy.

If this all sounds too good to be true, your right. I am flawed! I hate resumes, this is it! Please don’t ask to see one; unless of course you’d like to see a few more flaws?

I’m pretty positive, about the resume thing.

Seriously! …it’s personal, if it isn’t, your missing the point!

CLEARLY! …it’s a hardship giving away who my clients are, who they’ve been is much simpler:

The Waters Group | Land Rover Australia | Unruly | Intel | Macro Wholedoods Market | Samsung 1 2 3 4 | Sony 1 2 | Kapersky | IBM | Bitdefender 1 2 3 | Seven Network/Artist Services/Fast Forward/Full Frontal | Seven West Media/Grundy-Fremantle | ATN 7 Sydney/BBC Worldwide/A-SS + more | Fairfax Digital | Energy Australia | ESS | AJB |

Experience: [note] I’m a freelancer…

…so, ya wanna get deep?

Michael CourtenayMy approach to enterprise isn’t for everyone, it’s not mainstream. I believe the we – consumers – are all the same, we’re hardwired the same, feel the same, want the same. As a marketeer, I have little control over what consumers want, what they covert.

Clearly the essentials are defined, however I’ve little interest in selling white-bread or milk, I want the next big thing.

Our sameness is key to social media, while we can’t control consumer action, we can – and must – completely control the TEAM that interacts with your potential and loyal consumer.

/ti:m/ Handpicking a team, choosing a solid, genuine representation of who your marketing to, giving that team the skills and guidance, then allowing them to be themselves, their best selves is key.

Not only does this approach filter any feigned or misled output, it creates genuine connections between your product and it’s consumer.

Ask yourself: is my Facebook presence an authentic interaction or a superfluous advertisement?

…we can’t control the diversity of sameness, we can control who interacts with it though: to be continued

Contact me: michael@indeepmedia.com.au or use the form below…

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Blogging is – in my mind – the purest form of social media, when done well it is a true representation of YOU! Finding metrics on how successful blogging can be is a hardship. Here’s a plus view via ignitespot.com + socialmediatoday.com

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