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ELLA COQUINE: Blogging, it's personal! At Least it should be . . .

Posted: March 29th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: BLOGGING | Tags: , , , | Comments Off on ELLA COQUINE: Blogging, it's personal! At Least it should be . . .

ELLA COQUINEHere at Indeep Media we anonymously blog for people who are –we love all our clients – Too Busy, Lazy or Computer Illiterate to pen their own blogs. Whats that I hear you say – Go Corporate! –  Eeew, Bugger Off!! We really do believe that if blogging isn’t personal, it’s not really blogging!!

Having a solid personality or point of view is a good start, taking blogging all the way back to it’s roots – Web Log – now that’s just downright impressive.

[ella coquine-http://www.ellacoquine.com/]

Ladies & Gentlemen, cats n dogs, let me introduce you to ELLA COQUINE!

Ms Coquine is an Italian New Yorker who has slipped herself into the city of love – PARIS –  for a twelve month sabbatical, a respite from the humdrum, an adventure. Coquine’s blog – Tales from the Chambre de Bonne, 365 Days of Starting Over in The City of Light – try saying that with a nose full of bubbly! By her descript Chambre de Bonne is a kind of female mid life crisis, the end of era’s, of love, and gainful employ, clearly we simplify here, Coquine’s notion is much much more wonderfilled, very clever. Currently Coquine’s blog is at day 312 of 365, and wow she really has lived. Coquine is amusing, wonderfilled and a dream to follow, she is absolutely inspiring! Check her blog, and life at: www.ellacoquine.com

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