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The Alan Jones Breakfast ShowThat most despicable right-wing ranter, radio broadcaster and pseudo intellectual Alan Jones – not the wonderfilled sculptor – has done a Romney on himself. Last weekend the Sydney shockjock was guest speaker at an event for the Sydney University Liberal Club – SULC – where he firmly planted his foot in his mouth.

Known for his far right views, his misogynistic statements, megalomaniacal cravings and hubristic rantings, Mr Jones managed to slip-in the ultimate in-bad-taste, bagging the recently deceased father of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

During his speech Mr Jones said that the Aussie PMs father had died of shame!?

Unfortunately for Mr Jones, the Daily Telegraph had a journo in the room while his speech besmirched the Australian Prime Minister. Jonathan Marshall has so far posted an article, a SULC Tweet and a recording, on what will surely be egg on opposition leader Tony Abbott’s face. According to the Daily Telegraph Mr Jones “…told a group of 100 Young Liberals that John Gillard’s death was the fault of his proud child” :: Read the full article »»»»

Australia, A Shameful History

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A Shameful History - Australia's Indigenous Deaths In Custody Kwementyaye Briscoe

In 1987 Australia kicked off it’s Royal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody RCIADIC 1987-1991 – The basis for the commision, as it’s title suggests, was in response to a growing public concern that deaths in custody of Aboriginal people were too common and public explanations were too evasive to discount the possibility that foul play was a factor in many of them.

The terms of the commision were broad, a brief outline suggested that between 1980 – 1989, 99 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders died in the custody of prison, police or juvenile detention institutions. They were 88 males and 11 females. Their average age at death was thirty-two years, Their deaths were premature. The circumstances of their deaths were extremely varied.

There seemed to be no common thread of abuse, neglect or racism that contributed to these 99 deaths. However, an examination of the lives of the victims showed that facts associated in every case with their Aboriginality played a significant and in most cases dominant role in their being in custody and dying in custody. To this day there remains almost a complete lack of understanding, and more importantly no solid prevention regime  to curb this vast waste of life.

I note with trepidation that the 1934-35 Moseley Royal Commisionwhich looked very briefly at a similarly high proportion of indigenous deaths in custody – had similar findings to that of the 1987 RCIADIC. Of course the Moseley Royal Commision looked into increasing the powers of the Chief Protector of Aborigines, which it indeed did, leaving us with the stolen generation. We must surely be asking ourselves what we’re doing wrong here?

As the Northern Territory Coroner prepares to hand down his findings of the death-in-custody of an Aboriginal man, Kwementyaye Briscoe, in an Alice Springs Police Station, Australians must surely be asking what are we doing wrong? :: Read the full article »»»»

Google Fights Deception Verdict in Australian High Court

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Google Fights Deception RulingThe Australian corporate watchdog, the ACCC – Australian Competition and Consumer Commission– has told the High Court that Google is responsible for misleading content in its sponsored links. The behemoth that is Google is fighting a ruling that it engaged in misleading conduct when some advertisers used the names of competitors to attract searchers to their links.

The ACCC says these sponsored links give the false impression the businesses are linked. The ACCC says that Google Advertisements with the headline Harvey World Travel redirected to a competitors – STA Travel – website. The ACCC said that the ads were in breach of section 52 of the Trade Practices Act. Similarly, advertisements headlined with Honda, redirected to car-trading website Car Sales, several more Google Adwords accounts, including the Trading Post were said to be in breach of the Trade Practices Act.

In April this year, the Australian Federal Court found that Google HAD engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct regarding it’s AdWords website. the court said that what appears on Google’s web page is Google’s response to A User’s Query. That it happens to headline a keyword chosen by the advertiser does not make it any less Google’s responsibility

In this latest round of litigation, Google’s barrister Tony Bannon told the court that finding Google responsible for what it produces from an inquiry could have much wider implications, suggesting that a negative ruling may even hail the decline of AdWords :: Read the full article »»»»

UPDATED! Apple vs Samsung vs Apple vs Samsung

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Apple vs Samsung vs Apple vs SamsungJust hours apart, in two separate courtrooms – one in the USA and another in South Korea – two absolutely opposing views on the war that is Apple vs Samsung – or should that be Samsung vs Apple? – have been handed down.

A South Korean court has handed down a split ruling over Samsungs claim that Apple infringed it’s intellectual property, ruling that some element of the iPhone do indeed use patented Samsung telecommunication technology. The court also ruled however that Samsung had – as Apple has been ranting – copy Apples interface for it’s early Galaxy phones and tabs.

The South Korean court found that both companies shared blame, ordering Samsung to stop selling 10 products including its Galaxy S II phone and banning Apple from selling four different products, including its iPhone 4.

Meanwhile across the pacific in San Jose, California, a US jury has found in favour of Apple in a case that was expected to take years to settle, Apples copycat rant has just landed it a $US1 billion dollar win! However, the US ruling runs much deeper than just a huge compensation payout, BILLIONS of dollars in future sales hang in the balance for both tech-behemoths :: Read the full article »»»»

NEXUS Q Googles FIRST Original Gadget STALLS!?

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Goolge Nexus QIt takes bucket loads of work to get a launch RIGHT, a kizillion things need to go smoothly, not least of which is product!

Those übergeeks at Techcrunch have run a post on the woes of that internet behemoth that is Google and their stalling on the release of it’s media streamer Nexus Q.

Seriously how bad would something need to be for a company – GOOGLE – to decide to postpone the launch of such a high-profile product indefinitely, just days before it was expected to ship.

Apparently pretty BAD, stall is precisely what Google has just done with it’s Nexus Q.

The oddly spherical Google Nexus Q media streamer wasn’t just the companys first consumer electronics hardware project designed completely in-house. But it was also a key product that the company recently showcased at its I/O developer conference, putting the gadget into every attendee’s swag-bag.

TC reckons that even at I/O it was clear that Google wasn’t really sure what the Q was supposed to be and maybe that explains why the on-stage demo of the Q, which was meant to go on-sale for $299, was the single worst demo of I/O  :: Read the full article »»»»